The Complex Systems Program (CSP) is an endeavor to get together researchers within IPM, educational institutions with students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty in IPM and around the country, who are active in complex systems. In addition to the in-house research team, CSP will have co-faculty, students and affiliates from other programs within IPM and other institutes within Iran.

The Complex Systems Program will forge strong ties with internationally famous and active groups, for exchange of researchers and Ph. D. students.

CSP is formed around scientists in Iran who have been instrumental in the development of complex systems science and its applications in Iran. . We study how interactions within a system lead to its behavioral patterns, and how the system interacts with its environment. Our new tools overcome the limitations of classical approximations for the scientific study of complex systems, such as social organizations, biological organisms and ecological communities. This unified mathematically-based approach transcends the boundaries of physical, biological and social sciences, as well as engineering, management, and medicine.

CSP conducts classes, seminars and conferences to assist students, faculty and professionals in their understanding of complex systems. CSP sponsors postdoctoral fellows, provides research resources online, and hosts International Conferences on Complex Systems.


What is Complex Systems?                                                Introductory article by Dr. Shahin Rouhani in persian


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